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A suburb's reflection

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Project details: A suburb's reflection
Wynnum mural

This artwork represents my view on Wynnum, one of Brisbane’s bayside suburbs. The brief for this artwork is a mural design for Wynnum. I started this project by visiting Wynnum to grasp a theme and capture photos for visual ideas. Particularly the monumental features indicating this suburb. After taking multiple photos, I narrowed down the main factors for the design that symbolise ‘Wynnum’. This included the boardwalk, jetty, ocean, compass dial and water park. Then I wrote down words describing a theme, feelings and how to tell a story of my reflection visually. I started by drawing a sketch of a girl with a calm and thoughtful look, I also drew the other main features symbolising Wynnum, then traced and turned them into vectors. I mainly used cool colours for this design inspired by the ocean to achieve feelings of relaxation. The ‘Direction finding’ dial is an in-ground round ceramic artwork placed on the jetty, expressing a compass pointing out local landmarks to the location of the sun and stars. This inspired me to use this compass in my design however changing the round shape to a sun shape image and centre it in the final artwork.


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