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Blood Candy

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Project details: Blood Candy
Snowboard Sticker Design

This project is a commissioned artwork, the brief was to design and illustrate a snowboard sticker for a client, who found my graphic design services through my business Facebook page. He wanted a design inspired by the cartoon series ‘Adventure Time’. This illustration focuses on two characters, ‘Marceline’ and ‘Princess Bubblegum’. I started with researching the animation series and watching the episodes from the show to understand the story theme and who the characters are. Then brainstormed ideas and words describing the characters and fantasy theme. Most of my drawings and illustrations are influenced by Japanese anime. I find Japanese anime really inspiring and fun to draw, which gave me the idea to draw the characters anime-like. After drawing multiple character concepts, my client chose two concepts he liked the most to use for the final piece. I scanned the drawings into Illustrator, traced the drawing using my tablet and pen tool, I then added some colour, shadows and highlights to the vector drawings. Once the characters were done, I designed the background in Photoshop. I wanted  a romantic fantasy look while also emphasizing the characters further. I used a dark red background signifying blood and added some lightning brushes around Marceline representing the impact of the Vampire Queen. Princess Bubblegum is the ruler of Candy Kingdom, therefore I created some features of a rainbow and candy, symbolising sweetness and the history related to this character. 


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